Call it eclectic, bohemian, or offbeat, the Riverwest Neighborhood of Milwaukee is most certainly unique. Primarily residential and home to a diverse population, Riverwest has surged in popularity over the past two decades as a place that marches to a beat all its own. Untapped Tours enjoys the opportunity to share all that Riverwest has to offer to our guests.


Riverwest is home to many volunteer and nonprofit organizations, including a food co-op, a community newspaper, and a community-run radio station. You’ll see a strong sense of civic pride and a dedicated community spirit on display in the people and places in this area.


One of Riverwests true claims to fame comes from it’s namesake beer: Riverwest Stein. No introduction to Riverwest would be complete without mentioning the brewer of that beer, Lakefront Brewery. Untapped Tours won’t just mention Lakefront Brewery, we’ll take you there!


At its location at 1872 N. Commerce Street, Lakefront Brewery has grown from a small operation started in 1987 by brothers Russ and Jim Klisch to one of the largest microbreweries in Wisconsin. The Lakefront Brewery building was a coal power plant at one point and was considered for demolition before Lakefront Brewery purchased and augmented the building to house their unique and inventive brewery. Lakefronts brewery tour has gained a reputation for being like no other. While most brewery tours save sampling until the end, Lakefront gives you a brew to carry along with you on the tour, and even offers a well-placed refill along the way.


Not to far from Lakefront Brewery is a place that’s both new and old. The Brown Bottle, at 221 W. Galena Street, was originally opened in 1938 as the on-site tavern of Schlitz Park, the beer famous for its brown bottle. Schlitz since closed its Milwaukee brewery, and after years of vacancy, a revitalization effort began in the 2000s. Just a few years ago, The Brown Bottle reopened, and although the brewery that inspired it is gone, you can still get a cold Schlitz on tap, along with great food and lively conversation from the many regulars who live and work in the area.


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