East Side

Just North of Downtown Milwaukee is the hip and trendy East Side. Home to students, families, and singles alike, the East Side gives a residents a taste of city life with high-rise apartments, but its trails, wooded hills, and close proximity to Lake Michigan also enables opportunity for exploring nature right next door.


Prospect avenue takes us north along the lake, up the hill from the lakeshore area. This corridor is lined with new, high-rise apartment buildings, and also many old, historic buildings. At 1360 N. Prospect, we encounter the Jewish Museum Milwaukee, a museum celebrating Jewish heritage and culture in Milwaukee. This building houses many materials donated by local residents telling the story of the Jewish immigrant experience.


Just up the street at 1801 N. Prospect, we visit the Charles Allis Art Museum. Charles Allis was the first president of the Allis-Chalmers Corporation, a manufacturer of machinery. Allis and his wife, Sarah, amassed a large and unique art collection with the intent of donating it and their home to the city as an art museum. The building, one of the first private homes in Milwaukee to have electricity, was built with concrete walls meant to protect the art collection from fire.


The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music, at 1584 N Prospect, is not only an independant music school that teaches residents of all ages a wide variety of styles and instruments, it’s housed in a historic building. The McIntosh–Goodrich Mansion was built in 1903 and was formerly owned by a member of the Pabst family.


A bit farther east, at 2220 N. Terrace Avenue, we’ll find the Villa Terrace Decorative Arts Museum. This striking building was built in 1924 for the Lloyd R. Smith family and is an Italian Renaissance-style home on a bluff overlooking Lake Michigan. As president of the A.O. Smith company, Smith commissioned this building to be designed in the style of Italian architecture. Today, Villa Terrace is a popular site for weddings in Milwaukee.


Another iconic structure on Milwaukee’s lakefront is the North Point Lighthouse at 2650 N. Wahl Ave. The lighthouse is no longer operational but the original lens, installed in 1868, is still in the lighthouse. When it was operational, the lens could focus a 1,300,000 candlepower signal visible for 25 miles.


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